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Jim Murphy and Associates

Jim Murphy and Associates

Jim Murphy and Associates (JMA) is a residential and commercial construction company based in Santa Rosa, CA. In business since 1976, JMA specializes in building distinctive custom homes in Sonoma and Napa counties, designed by premiere local and national architects. Commercial projects include: industrial buildings, medical and dental offices, winery facilities, office buildings, restaurants, light retail construction, among others.

From Jim Murphy: In 1968, when I began what has now become Jim Murphy and Associates, I felt that my commitment to serving my customers went beyond just a professional or a moral obligation. I believed then, as I do today, that this business is my calling and that my responsibility to my customers is best described as stewardship.

Today, Jim Murphy and Associates includes over 40 men and women, all of whom share in this commitment. To us, stewardship means that when we undertake a project, we accept not merely the responsibility to execute our work in the best way we know how. We search for ways to do more than that.

How does this apply to those we work with?

Stewardship means listening to more than just the words that our clients speak - trying to hear feelings and reasons behind the words.

Stewardship means treating the client's money with more care than we apply even to our own. Even frugal individuals can chose to indulge a whim. A true steward will not.
Stewardship means approaching each task with humility that comes from knowing that in any given circumstance, someone else knows more or has better answers than you do.

Finally, Stewardship means - quite simply - placing the needs of others before our own.

Jim Murphy and Associates
464 Kenwood Court
Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy and Associates