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The Fechtel Company

The Fechtel Company

The Fechtel Company leads a talented team of designers, craftsmen and local artisans, who turn our clients' designs into reality. Constantly innovating to improve our systems and processes, we emphasize well integrated, healthy and sustainable construction. Our designs reflect originality, diversity and client desires. Our craftsmen are very experienced and well-trained in high-end construction, ensuring an excellent completion of both structure and detail. This attention to detail is our hallmark, from the plans, to the "sticks and bricks," to internal systems, to the highly visible finish work. The result is that our projects are well built and have outstanding finishes, establishing their legendary reputation in the thriving Tampa Bay market.

Sound environmental stewardship is not an additional facet of the building process for The Fechtel Company, but is deeply integrated into the way we go about designing and building. Our homes consistently win Aurora Awards for their low-consumption and high-efficiency design. As green building instructors and practitioners, we realize that sustainable values not only improve the comfort and health of residents, but also accomplish sound environmental stewardship of our precious natural resources.

The Fechtel Company
15488 N. Nebraska Ave.
Lutz, FL 33549